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My Experience at Paradise Cove Luau in Hawaii

Dear Hubby and I were told that we couldn’t go to Hawaii without going to a luau. I’ve always been curious about what a real luau was like, so I didn’t need much convincing to check it out. In Oahu, there are two luaus that you can attend. When Dear Hubby and I were at… Read More


A Trip to Hawaii!

Hi Everyone! I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have a legitimate reason. Dear Hubby and I got a chance to take a trip to Hawaii!   The trip was short notice and a lot of things had to fall into place in order for it to happen. But God smiled upon our trip… Read More


Hello everyone! I have two articles that are featured in the December 2011 issue of Military Spouse Magazine. God has been blessing me with one writing opportunity after the other and I’m so thankful! The first article is about a remarkable Marine wife named Kimberly Herman. She gave the gift of life in a unique… Read More


Common Misconceptions About Hiring Military Spouses

Last week, I called a rehab center to arrange occupational therapy services for my son. The lady who answered the phone told me that it would be months before my son would be seen and that they were the only facility in our area that provided occupational therapy for children with autism. I couldn’t believe… Read More


A Spirit of Unity is Needed in America

There is a serious problem going on in America. We can’t agree on anything! Republicans are arguing against the policies of President Obama. The Democrats are blaming the Republicans for holding up progress. The Tea Party is bickering with everybody. Government shutdowns have loomed over the heads of the American people at least twice this… Read More


My Article in Military Spouse Magazine

Make sure you check out the October issue of Military Spouse Magazine! I have an article in there entitled, “For the Love of Cupcakes.” It’s about two military spouses that partnered with another lady to create a cupcake business. I had a great time talking with these ladies and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the article… Read More


Navigating through Pre-K with a Special Needs Child

Little Man reached a wonderful milestone in his educational journey this year: He started Pre-K. It should’ve been a time of joy and excitement, but it ended up being one filled with stress and anxiety. I’ve blogged a few times over the years about Little Man’s speech and language delay. But communication wasn’t Little Man’s… Read More


White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

I’ve been making homemade cookies left and right for the past few weeks. Here’s a new recipe that I just have to share with you! My husband’s birthday was last week and he loves macadamia nut cookies. Whenever we would go to Silver Sands Outlet Mall, he would always want to go by Mrs. Fields… Read More


I was on Facebook one day when one of my friends posted that she ordered a custom military plaque made by a company called MyHomeBones.com. She posted a picture of the plaque, which contained a painted picture of a house. Below it was a list of every place they were stationed. I loved it and… Read More


Preparing for Hurricane Irene

Looks like Hurricane Irene is going to hit the East Coast this weekend. I’ll be praying for everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene, but I also want to take time to share with you some tips for Hurricane Preparedness.   Make sure you have plenty of bottled water. The amount of water needed is… Read More

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