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Preparing Your Autistic Child for a Trip to the Dentist

Big Brother had a dentist appointment on Thursday.  I had forgot about it until I received a reminder phone call on Monday. All of a sudden, I became anxious. Our last dentist appointment six months ago was a mini-disaster. Big Brother screamed, squirmed, and yelled so bad that the dental hygienist could barely brush his… Read More

Awesome With Autism

Awesome with Autism is a new monthly feature that I’m doing to highlight persons with Autism that are overcoming the odds and doing great things.  This month, the spotlight is on Christopher Duffley. During a Winter Ball for Autism, hosted by Autism Speaks and New York Collaborates for Autism, Christopher sang a beautiful rendition of… Read More

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Bye Bye Training Wheels!


Our oldest son received a new bike for Christmas.  He was very happy about it! As a matter of fact, when he saw it by the tree on Christmas morning, he ran straight to it and hopped on. Our son is very tall for his age and quickly outgrew the bike that his Nana and… Read More


Christmas Blessings

Hello Everyone! Christmas is very special for my family this year.  For starters, my husband is home and not deployed!  He has been either deployed or getting ready to deploy for three out of the past four years during Christmas time.  We usually travel for Christmas, but this year we are taking it easy and… Read More

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Great Gifts for a Child with Autism

Great Gifts for a Child with Autism | tonyanash.com

My post, Choosing a Gift for a Special Needs Child, received a lot of positive feedback. Some of you had additional questions about what to buy, so I decided to go into more detail about gift ideas. I created this list for children with autism, but it may also be helpful for children with other… Read More


Choosing a Gift for a Special Needs Child

Telly the Teaching Time Clock

A dear family member of ours sent their Christmas presents early for the boys. The gifts included not only fun toys for our oldest son, but a few learning toys for him as well. I was very excited when I saw them! One of the learning toys was Telly the Teaching Time Clock. It displays both… Read More


Christmas Time is Here!

My oldest son is becoming a lot more verbal about things that he is observing. Lately, he’s been noticing all of the Christmas decorations going up in retail stores and the outdoor decorations at certain homes that we pass on a regular basis. We hung out for a little while on Friday after I picked… Read More


A Thanksgiving Road Trip

This year, Dear Hubby and I decided to take a week of vacation and travel cross country to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our extended family. We’ve flown before, but decided to drive this year.  We spent two days packing and by the time we were all loaded up, our vehicle looked like we were… Read More


The Bible in 90 Days Reading Plan: A Review

Dear Hubby and I finished the Bible in 90 Days reading plan this weekend.  Completing this plan was no easy feat.  The number of chapters to read ranged anywhere from 10-18 chapters per day! I must admit that I struggled with getting behind sometimes.  But with my husband’s support and encouragement, I was able to press… Read More

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Tips for Taking Your Child with Autism to the Fair

Taking Your Child With Autism To the Fair

Dear Hubby and I took the boys to the county and state fairs last month.  We try to go every year and even though our oldest son has autism, we’ve found a way to make a trip to the fair enjoyable for everyone. Every child with autism is different and I know that this list… Read More

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