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Emotional Infidelity

I was watching Dr. Phil last week and the show’s topic was on emotional infidelity. The lady on the show was married, but regularly flirted with other men, including her husband’s friends. She thought there was nothing wrong with fantasizing about other men or being flirtatious. Her husband developed feelings of insecurity because of her… Read More


Battle of the Broccoli

I fought a losing battle last night. I tried to get my son to eat broccoli. The funny thing about it is that he used to eat broccoli all the time when he was younger. I guess he didn’t know any better then. I cooked a nice dinner for him. Baked chicken tenders, macaroni and… Read More


In God We Trust

Many people that I know have been negatively impacted by the financial crisis going on in the United States. I’m sure that you know some people as well. There are people wondering if they will have a job next week. Business owners are losing revenue and are forced to lay off workers. Companies that were… Read More


Yes We Can…Have a Career Too!

Maintaining a stable job and being a military spouse is a hard thing to do. I had five different jobs in five years, sprinkled with a few periods of unemployment. When I married my husband, I had NO CLUE that maintaining a career would be such a challenge. At my last job, I had the… Read More


Friends…How Many Of Us Have Them?

I should be an expert on making friends. Besides, I have lived in four different states in the past five years. But you know what? I am shy, contrary to popular belief. It’s not my natural personality to be outgoing. It’s hard for me to always be “The New Girl”. By the time I get… Read More


Many years ago, I was sure that I would NEVER marry a man in the military. Besides, I was not going to be pregnant all by myself, while he is off in a foreign land fighting in a war! I would not even date military guys…until I met my husband. He was a great friend… Read More


It’s Not as Easy as You Think…

Yesterday, I talked about my typical day as a stay at home mom and some of the joys that come along with it. Today, let’s talk about the time management issues of a stay at home mom and how to work around it. As mentioned in a previous post, I started off as a career… Read More


A Typical Day

Some people have stereotypes of what stay at home moms do all day. I used to have some of my own when I was a career mom. Now that I have switched roles, I view things totally different. My typical day with my son goes something like this: getting dressed, breakfast, playtime, lunch, nap, snack… Read More


Dealing with Grief

I recently had a dream about a beloved Aunt of mine that passed away almost two years ago. She had cancer and in the dream, we talked about her last stages of life on Earth. Most of the things we discussed in the dream were unanswered questions that I had. This dream made me realize… Read More


Honesty is the Best Policy

I am a fan of American Idol. I love for talented people to see their dreams come true. Currently, the show is at the part in which most of the bad talent has gone home. The competition is heating up. Before this part occurs, there are several weeks of eliminations. There are many people that… Read More

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