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A Portable Career Milestone

Hello Friends! I have some wonderful news to share with you today…   I have an article published in the November issue of Military Spouse Magazine!  The name of the article is, How to Survive a Trip to the Commissary. I’m pretty sure that all of you military spouses out there can remember your first… Read More


The Four Checks…

Happy Monday Everyone! I would like to share with you “4 Checks” that you need to do whenever you go shopping.   Check the expiration date. I have bought barbecue sauce from a grocery store, got it home, and realized that it had expired two months prior!!!  The store had no problem with letting me… Read More


Toddler Flying Adventures…

About a week after my husband deployed, my son and I went out of state to visit family.  We had a wonderful time! I was going to wait until later to go, but I decided to go ahead and I’m glad I did.  It helped to take the initial sting off the fact that my… Read More


Deployment Through a Child’s Eyes

I’m not the only one having adjustment issues with my husband being gone.  Our son is trying to wrap his little mind around this deployment too. About a week after Dear Hubby left, our son kept going in our guest room (my husband’s getaway).   This was unusual because our son hardly ever goes in… Read More


Too Much To Do…Not Enough Time…

Hello Everyone, Sorry that I’ve been missing in action. I got emails from two of my lovely subscribers on yesterday and I realized that I had to give you all an update on what’s going on. For some strange reason, I thought that I would have more time to work on my personal career goals… Read More


Relying On Others…

I walked out of the building where I dropped off my husband with mixed emotions.  I was feeling sad, but at the same time I was glad that this deployment was getting underway so that we could get it over with. Our son was holding my hand and jumping, just as happy as he could… Read More


Two Weeks Before Deployment…

The last two weeks before a deployment can be stressful.  You constantly think about it and sometimes, you even wish that your spouse would go ahead and leave so that you can get it over with. There is so much to do. You think you have plenty of time to take care of things, but… Read More


Financial Preparation for Deployment

I’ve learned a lot from my husband’s recent deployment.  As a result, I’ll be sharing some “Lessons Learned” with you over the next few posts. Today, I will be discussing what I’ve learned about financial preparation before a deployment. Even if you aren’t a military family, you can still benefit from these tips. Be prepared… Read More


Old Man Gone Wild

Okay.  This is absolutely crazy.  You all have probably heard about the old man gone wild at Walmart by now, but just in case you haven’t, here is the skinny… A 61-year-old man got irritated with a two year old child crying in WalMart and slapped the child four times in the face! Before slapping… Read More


Skype is my Friend!

Okay.  I’m a believer.  Skype is one of the best things since sliced bread! I didn’t have too much prior knowledge of Skype, outside of knowing that Oprah always has her guests “Skyping in” from random locations. I guess even Oprah has to save money in this economy.  But anyway… I decided to try it… Read More

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