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A Day Out With Thomas

Little Man is a big fan of trains. Whenever we go across a railroad track, he says, “Choo-Choo!” If we have to wait for a train to pass by, he says, “Train!!! Bye-Bye Train!!!” When “A Day Out With Thomas the Train” came to our area this summer, I figured it would be a wonderful… Read More


An Edible Playdough Recipe

An Edible Playdough Recipe

Little Man is a very picky eater. If you offer him something to eat that he’s unfamiliar with, he’ll politely say, “Nooooooo.” Eventually, we’ll get him to say, “No thank you,” but we’ll take what we can get for now. One day, I was talking to Little Man’s speech therapist about his finicky eating. She… Read More


A Home Remedy for Cough and Congestion

Nothing reminds you of cold and flu season like nasal congestion and a hacking cough in September. My sinuses have been kicking up like crazy for the past few weeks and I’ve been spending some time in prayer for simple things, like being able to breathe out of my nose, deliverance from coughing, and for… Read More


Fun on the Tumblebus


Little Man was invited to a birthday party this past weekend. When we received the invitation, RSVPs were requested because the “Tumblebus was coming.” I had no clue what the Tumblebus was, but I figured it was going to be fun for the little ones. The party started off with the children in the backyard… Read More


How September 11th Changed My Life

The morning of September 11th was a beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly and the weather was perfect. When I walked out of my apartment that morning, I had no idea that my future would be altered by the events that took place on that day. I had to go to work at my… Read More


Dave Ramsey Messed Up My Shopping Trip

On Saturday, Dear Hubby, Little Man and I went out of town to do some “controlled shopping” at an outlet mall. I say “controlled shopping” because we had a budget. It used to be that we would spend whatever we wanted as long as the money was in the bank. The last time that I… Read More


Overcoming Guilt

Guilt… A lot of people deal with this inner struggle.  It often occurs when we intentionally do something that we know is wrong.  It can also sneak up on you when you did something that you thought was right at the time, but later found out that it wasn’t the best option. Guilt can eat… Read More


Deployment Dreams

Earlier this week, I had a dream that I was deploying. One of my friends, who is active duty in real life, was deploying with me in my dream. It was our job to drive the convoy to Lexington, KY. I guess we were going to leave out from there. I was trying to get… Read More


The Highs and Lows of Facebook

This week was a very interesting week for Dear Hubby. Late Saturday night, I was reading a book and he was on his computer. All of a sudden, he got really excited. One of his old friends from Germany found him on Facebook. Dear Hubby was an Army Brat and lost touch with a lot… Read More


The Potty Race

Potty training is going pretty good with Little Man. He has #1 down pat and tells me when he has to go with 90% accuracy. As for the other 10%? Well, 5% of the time he waits until he can’t hold it another minute. He starts crying and jumping up and down like he has… Read More

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