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Stay-at-Home Mom

The Real Housewives…Really?

What is a real housewife? I asked my husband this question yesterday and he got nervous.I guess he figured that if he answered the question the wrong way, he’d be in trouble. I finally got him to say that he felt that a housewife was someone who maintained the home and took care of their… Read More


It’s Not as Easy as You Think…

Yesterday, I talked about my typical day as a stay at home mom and some of the joys that come along with it. Today, let’s talk about the time management issues of a stay at home mom and how to work around it. As mentioned in a previous post, I started off as a career… Read More


A Typical Day

Some people have stereotypes of what stay at home moms do all day. I used to have some of my own when I was a career mom. Now that I have switched roles, I view things totally different. My typical day with my son goes something like this: getting dressed, breakfast, playtime, lunch, nap, snack… Read More