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Dysfunctional Diet

I’m at a loss. I can’t figure out what to feed my toddler. One day, he loves corn dogs. A couple of days later, he hates them. He used to really like chicken fingers. Now, he will only eat them once a month. Last summer, we went to a going away party for my husband’s… Read More


The Fruit of Investing Your Time

We often see accomplished singers and musicians and marvel at their gifting. I personally am a big fan of Israel Houghton. In case you don’t know, he is a contemporary gospel singer. He writes most of his own music, plays guitar, and sings very well. He is talented beyond words and has a sound that… Read More


I Thought I Bought a Safe One!

This post is a follow-up on the He-Man post. If you haven’t read the He-Man post, you may want to read that first. Just to sum things up really quick, we bought my son a 4-in-1 crib that would convert from a crib to a toddler bed, daybed, and full size bed. At the beginning… Read More



He-Man was a great cartoon that was out when I was a little kid. I thought that He-Man was cool and I thought Battle Cat was even more cool. My son doesn’t know anything about He-Man, but you wouldn’t know it from what he did today. So there I was…sitting at the kitchen table. I… Read More


When Mommy Gets Sick

Tuesday was a very challenging day for me as a stay at home mom. My son was sick and he whined off and on from 6AM – 12:30PM. I was about ready to pull all of my hair out!!! I had taken him to the doctor the day before and got some medicine from the… Read More


Little Pro Flyer

My son is a seasoned flyer. He had his first ride on an airplane when he was three months old. We were going to visit my Aunt Doll before she passed away. It was her desire to see him before she left this world and we were going to make it happen. Since then, my… Read More


15 Things I Have Learned About Parenting…

I have been a parent for almost two years. To some of you veterans out there, I would be considered a beginner. The learning curve is always high for those beginning a new adventure. Therefore, I decided to share with my fellow bloggy friends what I have learned so far during this roller coaster ride… Read More


Battle of the Broccoli

I fought a losing battle last night. I tried to get my son to eat broccoli. The funny thing about it is that he used to eat broccoli all the time when he was younger. I guess he didn’t know any better then. I cooked a nice dinner for him. Baked chicken tenders, macaroni and… Read More


It’s Not as Easy as You Think…

Yesterday, I talked about my typical day as a stay at home mom and some of the joys that come along with it. Today, let’s talk about the time management issues of a stay at home mom and how to work around it. As mentioned in a previous post, I started off as a career… Read More


A Typical Day

Some people have stereotypes of what stay at home moms do all day. I used to have some of my own when I was a career mom. Now that I have switched roles, I view things totally different. My typical day with my son goes something like this: getting dressed, breakfast, playtime, lunch, nap, snack… Read More

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