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Fun in the Snow!

My son and I had a wonderful Christmas break. I already told you about the success of the child leash safety harness. But we had an unexpected surprise… During the break, my son actually got to play in the snow for the first time! He thoroughly enjoyed it. I must say that I did too… Read More


Child Leashes at the Airport

Happy Monday Everyone!Remember the post that I wrote back in November called, Would You Use One of These? It was a post about using a Child Leash Safety Harness. If you haven’t read that post, you can go ahead and read it.I’ll wait for you….Well, I finally used the Child Leash Safety Harness for my… Read More


My Earliest Memory of Christmas

I have several wonderful memories of Christmas.  Here is my earliest memory of Christmas. So there I was, five years old on Christmas day.  And I was stuck in my room playing by myself in isolation while my Grandma, Mom, Aunts, Uncles, brother, and cousins were at my Grandma’s house having a grand ole time… Read More


Mom & Crying Toddler Kicked Off Plane?

While surfing the net, I found an interesting headline: Southwest Kicks Mom, cranky kid off flight Here is a quick summary of the article: A mom and her toddler got kicked off a Southwest flight because the toddler kept screaming, “Go! Plane! Go!” and “I want Daddy!” The plane hadn’t taken off yet and was… Read More


New Design and Child Leash Verdict

Happy Friday everyone! You probably noticed that it looks a little different around here… I got bored with the other blog design and decided to do one that had a theme more related to this time of year. I’m starting to get the hang of blog designing.  I love computers, so this kind of thing… Read More


Would You Use One of These?

I’m thinking about doing something that some would disapprove of… I’m considering purchasing a child leash.   I know that there has been public disapproval of child leashes…excuse me…child safety harnesses.  But I have good reason to consider purchasing one.   Little Man and I will be doing more air travel with the holidays coming… Read More


Family Ties

Spending time with family is very important to me….so much so that I hesitated when considering the military way of life with my husband. I had a fear of being thousands of miles away from family and not being able to stay in touch with them. I also had a fear of being pregnant in… Read More


It’s Halloween time! I was reminded of it early this month when my neighbors started putting up fake spiders and cobwebs on their porches.  One of my neighbors even decorated their home to the extent that one would decorate for Christmas. She’s really in the Halloween spirit. One of my earliest memories of trick-or-treating was… Read More


Toddler Flying Adventures…

About a week after my husband deployed, my son and I went out of state to visit family.  We had a wonderful time! I was going to wait until later to go, but I decided to go ahead and I’m glad I did.  It helped to take the initial sting off the fact that my… Read More


Old Man Gone Wild

Okay.  This is absolutely crazy.  You all have probably heard about the old man gone wild at Walmart by now, but just in case you haven’t, here is the skinny… A 61-year-old man got irritated with a two year old child crying in WalMart and slapped the child four times in the face! Before slapping… Read More

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