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Having a Second Child When Your Oldest Has Autism

Having a Second Child

Dear Hubby and I enjoyed our time as newlyweds together.  We traveled, we were spontaneous, and we had all of the time in the world for each other.  As a matter of fact, we were having so much fun that the years flew by quickly for us.  We were knocking on our 30s before the… Read More


A Disney Planes Birthday Party!

Disney Planes Birthday Party Ideas

Dear Hubby and I decided to throw Big Brother a party for his birthday this year.  He recently discovered how fun parties could be (click here for the scoop on that), so we decided to make sure his birthday was extra special this year. We asked him if he wanted a Thomas the Train Party… Read More


A Thanksgiving Road Trip

This year, Dear Hubby and I decided to take a week of vacation and travel cross country to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our extended family. We’ve flown before, but decided to drive this year.  We spent two days packing and by the time we were all loaded up, our vehicle looked like we were… Read More


iPad Apps for Children with Autism

iPad Apps for Children with Autism

There has been a lot of talk about iPads being helpful to children with special needs, especially those with Autism.  I certainly found this to be the case for our son. Little Man has always been good with electronics.  He actually taught me how to do new things with my iPhone.  Since we are a… Read More


Navigating through Pre-K with a Special Needs Child

Little Man reached a wonderful milestone in his educational journey this year: He started Pre-K. It should’ve been a time of joy and excitement, but it ended up being one filled with stress and anxiety. I’ve blogged a few times over the years about Little Man’s speech and language delay. But communication wasn’t Little Man’s… Read More


A Virtual Playdate

Moving affects everyone in the family, even preschoolers. We’ve been at our new base for a little over a month now. About two weeks ago, Little Man came up to me and said, “Myles?” At first, I didn’t understand what he had said. But later in the day, he said it again, “Myles?” Then it… Read More


A Prayer for Children Going Back to School

It’s that time of year again! School bells are ringing and yellow buses are running their routes. Our children are heading back to school. I believe that it is very important to pray over our children as they start their new school year. There are so many negative influences out there and we have to… Read More


A Day Out With Thomas

Little Man is a big fan of trains. Whenever we go across a railroad track, he says, “Choo-Choo!” If we have to wait for a train to pass by, he says, “Train!!! Bye-Bye Train!!!” When “A Day Out With Thomas the Train” came to our area this summer, I figured it would be a wonderful… Read More


An Edible Playdough Recipe

An Edible Playdough Recipe

Little Man is a very picky eater. If you offer him something to eat that he’s unfamiliar with, he’ll politely say, “Nooooooo.” Eventually, we’ll get him to say, “No thank you,” but we’ll take what we can get for now. One day, I was talking to Little Man’s speech therapist about his finicky eating. She… Read More


Fun on the Tumblebus


Little Man was invited to a birthday party this past weekend. When we received the invitation, RSVPs were requested because the “Tumblebus was coming.” I had no clue what the Tumblebus was, but I figured it was going to be fun for the little ones. The party started off with the children in the backyard… Read More

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