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Book Review: Widow of Gettysburg by Jocelyn Green

It’s not often that I do book reviews on this blog.  I love to read, but with my little ones, I find it hard to find time to read for pleasure. But every once in a while, a book comes across my radar that peaks my interest. I was very excited about the spring release… Read More


Hello everyone! I have two articles that are featured in the December 2011 issue of Military Spouse Magazine. God has been blessing me with one writing opportunity after the other and I’m so thankful! The first article is about a remarkable Marine wife named Kimberly Herman. She gave the gift of life in a unique… Read More


Common Misconceptions About Hiring Military Spouses

Last week, I called a rehab center to arrange occupational therapy services for my son. The lady who answered the phone told me that it would be months before my son would be seen and that they were the only facility in our area that provided occupational therapy for children with autism. I couldn’t believe… Read More


Texas Mansion Cookies – The Best Cookies Ever!

Dear Hubby’s squadron requested cookie bakers for an upcoming fundraiser. I’m not big into baking, but I remembered that I had a recipe for Texas Mansion Cookies. A lady I used to work with would make Texas Mansion Cookies whenever our classes completed the tobacco cessation program. She gave the recipe to me, but I… Read More


Today is the official release date for Faith Deployed … Again: More Encouragement for Military Wives! I’m so excited and I know that those who read this book will be blessed! You can order your copy online from Amazon.com or purchase it at your local bookstore. One of the devotions I wrote is part of… Read More

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Hi Everyone! I’m excited to share with you that Faith Deployed … Again: More Daily Encouragement for Military Wives is available for purchase! The official launch date is July 1st, but you can order copies of the book from Amazon. This book is the sequel to the award winning book, Faith Deployed. I received my… Read More


Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2011!

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day and I’m participating in a blog carnival hosted by Wives of Faith. The topic is: List 11 things in 2011 that you love about being the wife of a soldier/sailor/airman/marine/coast guardsman/national guardsman/reservist! Here is my list in no particular order. I love: 1. The travel opportunities! I have lived… Read More


Conquering Deployment Blues

I’ve been feeling kinda down lately. Deployment blues got the best of me. My husband missed my birthday and some very important events in our son’s life. I’m not even going to backtrack and mention the holidays. I talked to one of my military spouse friends about how I was feeling. She could relate on… Read More


Most of you know that I’ve been sad about the end of football season. Watching football was one of my favorite deployment pastimes. But my sadness didn’t last long! “Army Wives”, one of my favorite TV shows, returned for its Season 5 Premiere on Lifetime Network. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the show’s return, especially after… Read More


Faith Deployed … Again

Faith Deployed...Again

Some books have such a huge impact that a sequel is not only desired, but necessary. That’s definitely true for the book, Faith Deployed by Jocelyn Green. Faith Deployed is a wonderful book full of encouragement for military wives. I did a review on it back in December 2009. Faith Deployed includes inspirational devotions written… Read More

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