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Preparing Your Autistic Child for a Trip to the Dentist

Big Brother had a dentist appointment on Thursday.  I had forgot about it until I received a reminder phone call on Monday. All of a sudden, I became anxious. Our last dentist appointment six months ago was a mini-disaster. Big Brother screamed, squirmed, and yelled so bad that the dental hygienist could barely brush his… Read More


My Breast Cancer Scare

Starting Line at Race for the Cure

Dear Hubby, Little Man, and I all participated in Race for the Cure, which is sponsored by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. This is my second year participating. Last year, Dear Hubby couldn’t participate due to his deployment, but this year he was there to support me. I’m passionate about fighting cancer… Read More


A Home Remedy for Cough and Congestion

Nothing reminds you of cold and flu season like nasal congestion and a hacking cough in September. My sinuses have been kicking up like crazy for the past few weeks and I’ve been spending some time in prayer for simple things, like being able to breathe out of my nose, deliverance from coughing, and for… Read More


Are Bath Toys Safe For Your Child?

Did you know that your child’s favorite rubber ducky could be a secret hideout for filth and germs? The Today Show is doing a series called Secret Filth Exposed and one of the most recent episodes was called, Rubber ‘Yuckies’ Harbor Secret Filth. Philip Tierno, a microbiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, tested bath toys… Read More


The Heavy Burdens We Carry

My first physical therapy appointment went well.  I had a very competent physical therapist that was able to come up with a plan that’s going to get me back to good as new in a couple of weeks. I must admit that I was somewhat nervous when I first got to my appointment.  I didn’t… Read More


A Love Hate Relationship Finally Resolved

I recently decided that I wanted to change my look. Goodbye glasses and hello contact lenses! I used to wear contact lenses all through high school, college, and the first year of my marriage. Then one random day, I decided that I didn’t want to wear contacts anymore. They seemed to dry out all the… Read More


The After Effects of Deployment

Our son has been one happy little boy since his Dada came back home! I could tell that he was really missing his Dada because he would always cling to male family members whenever he would see them. He would play with them and follow them around, just like he would do with his Dada… Read More


Renewing My Vows…

I finally made the decision to go forward and not look back.  I recommitted myself to a very important vow that I once made… I renewed my vows with the Wii Fit.   When my husband bought me the Wii Fit last Christmas, I was so excited and happy!  At first, I was very consistent… Read More


Pink Matters

Have you noticed all of the pink stuff around lately? Pink ribbons are in abundance. Christian Bookstores are selling pink bibles and journals.  Even the food industry is taking part, with grocery stores showcasing items in pink packaging. Why?  Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the brains behind a… Read More


Talk to the Hand!

Yesterday after dinner, I found a puppet lying on the floor by my two year old son’s toy box. It was one of the puppets that my mom sent me from my Aunt Doll’s teaching supplies.   I picked the puppet up and put it on my hand. Then, I called my son over and… Read More

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