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A Recipe for Chicken & Dumplings

I made Chicken and Dumplings, also known as Chicken and Pastry, for the first time ever back in January. My husband requested it on a cold winter day and it was a dinner request I wasn’t expecting. After doing some online research and calling a few family members for tips, I decided to go for… Read More


White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

I’ve been making homemade cookies left and right for the past few weeks. Here’s a new recipe that I just have to share with you! My husband’s birthday was last week and he loves macadamia nut cookies. Whenever we would go to Silver Sands Outlet Mall, he would always want to go by Mrs. Fields… Read More


Texas Mansion Cookies – The Best Cookies Ever!

Dear Hubby’s squadron requested cookie bakers for an upcoming fundraiser. I’m not big into baking, but I remembered that I had a recipe for Texas Mansion Cookies. A lady I used to work with would make Texas Mansion Cookies whenever our classes completed the tobacco cessation program. She gave the recipe to me, but I… Read More


An Edible Playdough Recipe

An Edible Playdough Recipe

Little Man is a very picky eater. If you offer him something to eat that he’s unfamiliar with, he’ll politely say, “Nooooooo.” Eventually, we’ll get him to say, “No thank you,” but we’ll take what we can get for now. One day, I was talking to Little Man’s speech therapist about his finicky eating. She… Read More


The Winning Recipe…

Hello Everyone! I’ve chosen the winning recipe for my cooking rut. And the winning recipe is………(drums please) Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, suggested by Bluewhitelife. This recipe was so easy that a caveman could do it! The whole meal took less than 30 minutes from preparation to the party in my tummy.  So yummy, so yummy yummy… Read More


A Cherry Dump Cake Recipe

I just tried a recipe for a Cherry Dump Cake last week and it was very good!  It was probably one of the easiest desserts I’ve ever made.  Here is the recipe. Ingredients: 1 21 ounce can Cherry Pie Filling 1 20 ounce can crushed pineapple, do not drain 1 box yellow cake mix 1… Read More

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The Best Potato Soup Ever!

I was bored and slightly lonely on New Year’s Day, so I decided to cook. As a matter of fact, that’s what I’ve been doing this whole deployment…cooking whenever I get bored.  It’s a wonder that I haven’t gained 20 pounds, because I have to eat all the food by myself! I was talking to… Read More


A Holiday Recipe

Hi Everyone! I changed my blog background again.  I wanted something festive for this season.  The time period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is the most wonderful time of the year in my humble opinion!  It seems to bring out the best in everyone. In a time where there are plenty of dinner parties and… Read More