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How Autism Affected My Faith

How Autism Affected My Faith

It’s easy to love and serve God when everything is going your way. But what do you do when it seems like your world has turned upside down? Do you still give God praise and trust Him? Or do you just walk away? Dear Hubby and I were very active in ministry during our early… Read More

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Bye Bye Training Wheels!


Our oldest son received a new bike for Christmas.  He was very happy about it! As a matter of fact, when he saw it by the tree on Christmas morning, he ran straight to it and hopped on. Our son is very tall for his age and quickly outgrew the bike that his Nana and… Read More


A Prayer for Children Going Back to School

It’s that time of year again! School bells are ringing and yellow buses are running their routes. Our children are heading back to school. I believe that it is very important to pray over our children as they start their new school year. There are so many negative influences out there and we have to… Read More


Testimony Time!

You know the old saying, “Prayer Changes Things”.  So does it ring true with you?   Have you noticed a change since you participated in the Prayer Challenge?   I certainly hope so.  What a joy it is to see God bless someone else through your prayers! There is no better gift to give someone… Read More


Have You Taken the Prayer Challenge?

Thanks for your support of the Prayer Challenge!   In case you didn’t know, the Prayer Challenge started on last Friday and encouraged persons to pray for someone in need for one week.   It’s not too late if you want to join in!   On Friday, I will be blogging about how God has… Read More


A Prayer Challenge

When was the last time you prayed… That God would bless your spouse with a good day at work? That God would protect your spouse from dangers seen and unseen? That God would reveal His purpose and plan in your spouse’s life? I used to be very inconsistent with praying for my husband before his… Read More


Ambitious Prayers

At the beginning of this month, I wrote a post called Prayer Changes Things. In that post, I wrote about seven prayers that God answered on my behalf. For me, it was a great way to look at how God has blessed me over the years. My husband keeps a prayer journal. Whenever he runs… Read More