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Why Colon Cancer Sucks…Part Two

Yesterday, I talked about how colon cancer has affected my family. Three of my grandparents beat this disease, but I lost an Aunt to colon cancer that was very dear to me. This disease has been an issue in my family and I believe that it is fruitless to talk about it without suggesting some… Read More


Why Colon Cancer Sucks…Part One

Did you know that March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month? Colon Cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States. Just in case you don’t know, the colon is part of the large intestine. It holds waste products until they are eliminated from your body. I felt compelled to blog about this disease… Read More


Are You Afraid of the Dark?

My family and I spent several nights away from home visiting family during the Christmas holidays. This caused my son to have to sleep in several unfamiliar places. When we stayed with my parents, my son slept in a strange crib without his beloved night light. As expected, he did not automatically fall asleep when… Read More

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Emotional Infidelity

I was watching Dr. Phil last week and the show’s topic was on emotional infidelity. The lady on the show was married, but regularly flirted with other men, including her husband’s friends. She thought there was nothing wrong with fantasizing about other men or being flirtatious. Her husband developed feelings of insecurity because of her… Read More


In God We Trust

Many people that I know have been negatively impacted by the financial crisis going on in the United States. I’m sure that you know some people as well. There are people wondering if they will have a job next week. Business owners are losing revenue and are forced to lay off workers. Companies that were… Read More


Dealing with Grief

I recently had a dream about a beloved Aunt of mine that passed away almost two years ago. She had cancer and in the dream, we talked about her last stages of life on Earth. Most of the things we discussed in the dream were unanswered questions that I had. This dream made me realize… Read More


Longing for Egypt

Have you ever been around a person that does not like the current city that they live in? Most of the time, that person will constantly talk about how another city is better. That kind of person used to REALLY get on my nerves. I used to wonder why they just wouldn’t move back to… Read More


A Thief Called Procrastination…

Finally, I have posted my first blog entry after months of procrastination. I can’t really explain why it took me so long to get started. I put it off for the past six months because something else always seemed more important. The demands of everyday life can often bog you down and keep you from… Read More

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