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How to Start a Special Needs Ministry

special needs ministry

I’ve been writing about special needs ministry all of this week. Monday’s post was about “Going to Church with a Special Needs Child.” On Tuesday, I posted about “How Special Needs Ministry Blessed My Family.” Wednesday’s post asked the thought provoking question, “Is Your Church Special Needs Friendly?” Today’s post wraps up the series by… Read More


Is Your Church Special Needs Friendly?

Is Your Church Special Needs Friendly?

On Tuesday, I wrote about How Special Needs Ministry Blessed My Family. While I’m very thankful for my church, I know that there are other families that would greatly benefit from a ministry like this as well.  Here’s why you should seriously consider having a special needs ministry at your church. Is your church special… Read More


How Special Needs Ministry Blessed My Family

Special Needs Ministry

On Monday, I started a new blog series about the importance of special needs ministry.  The first post, "Going to Church with a Special Needs Child," explained how the seed of special needs ministry was planted at my church.  Here’s what happened after one special lady decided to water the seed, tending to it until it… Read More


Going to Church with a Special Needs Child

Going to Church with a Special Needs Child

I was having a rough morning. Despite my best intentions to be on time, a last minute diaper change had me running late for church. I picked up my baby boy from the changing table and moved quickly through the house, grabbing the baby bag, my purse and coat, and my oldest son. I loaded… Read More


Bye Bye Training Wheels!


Our oldest son received a new bike for Christmas.  He was very happy about it! As a matter of fact, when he saw it by the tree on Christmas morning, he ran straight to it and hopped on. Our son is very tall for his age and quickly outgrew the bike that his Nana and… Read More


The Bible in 90 Days Reading Plan: A Review

Dear Hubby and I finished the Bible in 90 Days reading plan this weekend.  Completing this plan was no easy feat.  The number of chapters to read ranged anywhere from 10-18 chapters per day! I must admit that I struggled with getting behind sometimes.  But with my husband's support and encouragement, I was able to press… Read More

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The Perfect Gift For Christmas

Christmas is in less than a week.  But I'm not worried or stressed one bit. Surprisingly, I finished the majority of my christmas shopping on a three day weekend shopping excursion. Now I'm just sitting back, counting my blessings and doing some reflecting. Back in October, I told Dear Hubby that I wanted a "real"… Read More


My Experience at Paradise Cove Luau in Hawaii

Dear Hubby and I were told that we couldn't go to Hawaii without going to a luau. I've always been curious about what a real luau was like, so I didn't need much convincing to check it out. In Oahu, there are two luaus that you can attend. When Dear Hubby and I were at… Read More


A Trip to Hawaii!

Hi Everyone! I haven't been posting much lately, but I have a legitimate reason. Dear Hubby and I got a chance to take a trip to Hawaii!   The trip was short notice and a lot of things had to fall into place in order for it to happen. But God smiled upon our trip… Read More


A Spirit of Unity is Needed in America

There is a serious problem going on in America. We can't agree on anything! Republicans are arguing against the policies of President Obama. The Democrats are blaming the Republicans for holding up progress. The Tea Party is bickering with everybody. Government shutdowns have loomed over the heads of the American people at least twice this… Read More

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