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My Experience at Paradise Cove Luau in Hawaii

Dear Hubby and I were told that we couldn’t go to Hawaii without going to a luau. I’ve always been curious about what a real luau was like, so I didn’t need much convincing to check it out. In Oahu, there are two luaus that you can attend. When Dear Hubby and I were at… Read More


A Trip to Hawaii!

Hi Everyone! I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have a legitimate reason. Dear Hubby and I got a chance to take a trip to Hawaii!   The trip was short notice and a lot of things had to fall into place in order for it to happen. But God smiled upon our trip… Read More


A Romantic Getaway in Dallas, TX

Dear Hubby and I recently celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We traveled to Dallas, TX and stayed almost a week at the Warwick Melrose Dallas Hotel. We found out about the hotel through an advertisement in our local base newspaper. This upscale hotel offers STEEPLY discounted rates for military members returning from deployment or home… Read More


8 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Marriage

I just saw a report on ABC news suggesting that divorce is contagious.  I know, it sounds absurd, but researchers found in a study that being friends with a divorced person makes you 147% more likely to get one too.  The study also found that persons with a divorced sibling are 22% more likely to… Read More


The Price of Adultery

Over the past few months, the news has been flooded with stories about people committing adultery. It’s really sad and I hope it’s not an indicator of the way our society is headed. First, you had Jon and Kate plus 8 and their drama. Then, we had Gov. Mark Sanford from South Carolina, who had… Read More


Investing in Your Marriage

My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I’m so thankful for my husband and the relationship that we have. I know that God brought us together. My husband and I started off as friends. We had no romantic interest in each other whatsoever. But somewhere in the friendship, things… Read More


Emotional Infidelity

I was watching Dr. Phil last week and the show’s topic was on emotional infidelity. The lady on the show was married, but regularly flirted with other men, including her husband’s friends. She thought there was nothing wrong with fantasizing about other men or being flirtatious. Her husband developed feelings of insecurity because of her… Read More