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Gifts that Last a Lifetime…

Little Man Reading a Book

Dear Hubby and I have been participating in the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University since January 2010. Our goal was to become debt free by December 31, 2010. However, we wanted to be together when we officially became debt free. We decided to pay off the rest of our debt early as our Christmas gifts… Read More


Should You Buy an Extended Warranty?

It’s down to the wire to get those last minute Christmas gifts! If you’ve bought any electronics or big ticket items, I’m sure you were asked if you wanted to buy an extended warranty. So did you? Dave Ramsey teaches that extended warranties are a waste of money. He believes that having an emergency fund… Read More


Vacationing on a Budget

Sun Going Down Over the Ocean

The family and I recently went on a 2.5 week road trip that included a visit to the beach. It was absolutely wonderful and much needed! Since we are on the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace program, we wanted to be sure that we were smart about how much money we spent. Here are a few… Read More


Dave Ramsey Messed Up My Shopping Trip

On Saturday, Dear Hubby, Little Man and I went out of town to do some “controlled shopping” at an outlet mall. I say “controlled shopping” because we had a budget. It used to be that we would spend whatever we wanted as long as the money was in the bank. The last time that I… Read More


Every Little Bit Counts

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on our progress with the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Program.  We’re still chipping away at our debt, but I must admit that we haven’t been going with the same gazelle intensity as before. We had a few unexpected things to come up this summer that… Read More


Our FPU Budgeting Report Card

My husband and I have been doing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University program for about two months now.  Here is an update on how things have been going.   We now use cash for groceries and personal spending. Using cash has made us think a lot more before making a purchase. You immediately see… Read More


Making Financial Cents in 2010

My husband went to a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University intro class while he was deployed.  He was so excited about the class that he decided to go through the 13 week program.   This is significant because my husband is a free spirit and I’m a nerd (according to Dave Ramsey).  In other words, my… Read More


The Four Checks…

Happy Monday Everyone! I would like to share with you “4 Checks” that you need to do whenever you go shopping.   Check the expiration date. I have bought barbecue sauce from a grocery store, got it home, and realized that it had expired two months prior!!!  The store had no problem with letting me… Read More


Hello Everyone, School has either started, or is starting soon for many of your children. Discounts on school supplies are out in full force. But what if you are looking for a brand new computer? It’s a large expense without many discounts. Here are some tips for you. Do price comparisons. If you see a… Read More


Did You Know About These Discounts?

You have not because you ask not, which is certainly the case with military discounts.  Anyone connected to the military should always ask this question at the cash register: Do you offer a military discount? You’ll be surprised about who offers discounts.  Restaurants, hotels, clothing stores, car dealerships, car rental agencies, theme parks: you name… Read More

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