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Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Eighteen months is a pretty long blogging hiatus, isn’t it?  I never thought I’d be out of the game for this long!  Here’s the quick version of what happened in the last year and a half, but don’t worry, I’ll fill in the details later. Right before my last post on March 12, 2012, I… Read More

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iPad Apps for Children with Autism

iPad Apps for Children with Autism

There has been a lot of talk about iPads being helpful to children with special needs, especially those with Autism.  I certainly found this to be the case for our son. Little Man has always been good with electronics.  He actually taught me how to do new things with my iPhone.  Since we are a… Read More


Navigating through Pre-K with a Special Needs Child

Little Man reached a wonderful milestone in his educational journey this year: He started Pre-K. It should’ve been a time of joy and excitement, but it ended up being one filled with stress and anxiety. I’ve blogged a few times over the years about Little Man’s speech and language delay. But communication wasn’t Little Man’s… Read More

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