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A Disney Planes Birthday Party!

Disney Planes Birthday Party Ideas

Dear Hubby and I decided to throw Big Brother a party for his birthday this year.  He recently discovered how fun parties could be (click here for the scoop on that), so we decided to make sure his birthday was extra special this year. We asked him if he wanted a Thomas the Train Party… Read More


Big Brother’s Ring Bearer Debut

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Remember my post, Big Brother’s New Gig as Ring Bearer?  Well, guess what?  Big Brother shined in his debut walk down the aisle! Let me tell you what happened… Dear Hubby and I chose to arrive two days before the wedding to get the boys settled. It was a beautiful travel day! The sun was shining… Read More


Big Brother’s New Gig as Ring Bearer


Big Brother is going to be a ring bearer y’all! One of our beloved family members is getting married in a few weeks and Big Brother was asked to be their ring bearer. Now this wasn’t his first invitation to walk down the aisle. Another family member got married last summer and Big Brother was… Read More


How to Start a Special Needs Ministry

special needs ministry

I’ve been writing about special needs ministry all of this week. Monday’s post was about “Going to Church with a Special Needs Child.” On Tuesday, I posted about “How Special Needs Ministry Blessed My Family.” Wednesday’s post asked the thought provoking question, “Is Your Church Special Needs Friendly?” Today’s post wraps up the series by… Read More


Is Your Church Special Needs Friendly?

Is Your Church Special Needs Friendly?

On Tuesday, I wrote about How Special Needs Ministry Blessed My Family. While I’m very thankful for my church, I know that there are other families that would greatly benefit from a ministry like this as well.  Here’s why you should seriously consider having a special needs ministry at your church. Is your church special… Read More


How Special Needs Ministry Blessed My Family

Special Needs Ministry

On Monday, I started a new blog series about the importance of special needs ministry.  The first post, “Going to Church with a Special Needs Child,” explained how the seed of special needs ministry was planted at my church.  Here’s what happened after one special lady decided to water the seed, tending to it until it… Read More


Going to Church with a Special Needs Child

Going to Church with a Special Needs Child

I was having a rough morning. Despite my best intentions to be on time, a last minute diaper change had me running late for church. I picked up my baby boy from the changing table and moved quickly through the house, grabbing the baby bag, my purse and coat, and my oldest son. I loaded… Read More


Update on Missing Teen With Autism: Avonte Oquendo

Back in November, I wrote a post about a young boy with autism named Avonte Oquendo.  He wandered away from his school in New York on October 4, 2013 and had not been seen since.  His disappearance caused great concern because Avonte was nonverbal and had the mind of a 7 year old, even though… Read More

Preparing Your Autistic Child for a Trip to the Dentist

Big Brother had a dentist appointment on Thursday.  I had forgot about it until I received a reminder phone call on Monday. All of a sudden, I became anxious. Our last dentist appointment six months ago was a mini-disaster. Big Brother screamed, squirmed, and yelled so bad that the dental hygienist could barely brush his… Read More

Awesome With Autism

Awesome with Autism is a new monthly feature that I’m doing to highlight persons with Autism that are overcoming the odds and doing great things.  This month, the spotlight is on Christopher Duffley. During a Winter Ball for Autism, hosted by Autism Speaks and New York Collaborates for Autism, Christopher sang a beautiful rendition of… Read More

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