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Big Brother’s Ring Bearer Debut

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Remember my post, Big Brother’s New Gig as Ring Bearer?  Well, guess what?  Big Brother shined in his debut walk down the aisle!

Let me tell you what happened…

Dear Hubby and I chose to arrive two days before the wedding to get the boys settled. It was a beautiful travel day! The sun was shining bright and it was about 70 degrees outside.   The boys did well traveling and seemed to enjoy the car ride.

The wedding was in a large metropolitan area.  Big Brother was amazed by the tall buildings that he saw when we arrived.  He kept saying, “It’s a city!  It’s a city!”  We met up with family for a cookout that day and had lots of fun!

The next day, we all met together for the wedding rehearsal. Big Brother felt very comfortable because he knew a majority of the people there.  When it was his turn to walk down the aisle, he already had an idea of what to do because we practiced it 1,000 times at home.  He only got confused when the wedding coordinator asked him to grab the flower girl’s hand and walk back down the aisle.  I quickly got out of the bridesmaid formation to give him a visual of what to do because I didn’t want him to get frustrated or overwhelmed.  After the visual prompt, he grabbed the flower girl’s hand and carefully walked her down the aisle, just like a gentleman!

On the morning of the wedding, I went out with some of the bridal party to get our hair done.  When I came back to the hotel room, Dear Hubby had Big Brother halfway dressed!  I was so excited about how handsome he looked!  Even Baby Brother was dressed up looking nice in his new suit!  I quickly went over Big Brother’s role as ring bearer with him and reminded him to do his “Happy Smile” whenever someone is taking pictures.  Soon afterwards, Dear Hubby, Big Brother, and Baby Brother left to meet with the groomsmen to take wedding pictures.

I saw Big Brother a few hours later right before the wedding ceremony.  As soon as he saw me, he showed me his “Happy Smile.”  I was nervous about how he would do.  My biggest concern was an outburst or meltdown, but I felt reassured by his smile that all would be okay.

The wedding ceremony began and I anxiously waited at the altar with the other bridesmaids for my son to walk in.  He entered through the door and gave a nervous smile.  Once he saw me, he gained confidence and did perfectly what we had practiced for him to do, despite all of the people in the audience!

Usually, the Best Man watches out for the Ring Bearer, but Big Brother spent the beginning part of the wedding with the Groom.  He put his hands on Big Brother’s shoulders and kept him close, which was heartwarming to see.

And that outburst I was worried about?  Well…it kinda happened, but in a comical way!

Behind the wedding party was a glass window in which you could see traffic passing by.  Just our luck, a train happened to pass by right before the bride came in.  Big Brother saw the train (he can spot/hear them from 50 miles away) and immediately got excited.

“Look Mommy!  A train!!”

I nodded my head and put a finger to my lips with a smile.  Then he felt the need to tell me again… “A Train!”  And again…and again…

I quickly said a prayer, “Lord, please let that train hurry up,” all while acknowledging my son and putting my finger to my lips with a smile.

At the end of the ceremony, Big Brother grabbed the flower girl’s hand and off they went down the aisle behind the Bride and Groom.  I was sooooo proud of him!  Big Brother received lots of kudos from everyone for how well he did.

During the reception, Dear Hubby rewarded Big Brother for a job well done by going down the street to get him some McDonalds. There was no way he was going to eat the food served at the wedding!  We’re still working on the food aversions part…

And let me tell you something, Big Brother stayed on the dance floor!  His first dance was with his Nana.  After that, he did some more dancing and kept saying, “Party!  It’s a Party!”  He had some interesting moves too!  One of them looked like a modified breakdance move!

The wedding was a night to remember.  While I was happy for the bride and groom joining together in holy matrimony, I was thrilled at this breakthrough moment for Big Brother!

Thank you Lord for how far my son has come!

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