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Bye Bye Training Wheels!


Our oldest son received a new bike for Christmas.  He was very happy about it! As a matter of fact, when he saw it by the tree on Christmas morning, he ran straight to it and hopped on.

Our son is very tall for his age and quickly outgrew the bike that his Nana and Grandpa bought for him a few years ago. This year we decided to get him an 18 inch bike that would allow for training wheels.  We probably should have bought him a 20 inch bike, but that’s another story…

It wasn’t long before our son was begging Dear Hubby for a chance to go out and test drive his new bike.  It was pretty cold outside, but Dear Hubby and our son bundled up and went for a ride around the neighborhood.  When they got back, Dear Hubby told me that our son fell about 5 times!

“What was the problem?  He had training wheels on!”  I thought everything would go well.

“This bike isn’t made for you to depend on training wheels,” my husband said.

Despite the numerous falls, our son didn’t seem to be deterred by it.  The next day, he was asking to ride again.  This time, Dear Hubby decided to take him to an open parking lot where he could ride safely and not be distracted by traffic.

I was at home, cleaning up the house when my husband texted me the following video clip.  Please disregard the grainy display.  Dear Hubby was running behind him! Lol! Check it out!!



I was so surprised!  My big boy was riding his bike without training wheels!

And don’t you just love Dear Hubby’s excitement?!  Here’s why he was over the top with emotions…

Dear Hubby said our son was relying on the training wheels too much, so he decided to take them off.  Right as he took them off, he prayed, “Lord, help him to ride this bike without training wheels in Jesus’s name.”  Our son promptly said, “Amen!”

After prayer, Dear Hubby gave him a push and our son peddled away!  This video shows his first time EVER without training wheels!

Prayer works!  Thank you Lord for hearing even the smallest prayers! 🙂

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