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Preparing for Hurricane Irene

Looks like Hurricane Irene is going to hit the East Coast this weekend.

I’ll be praying for everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene, but I also want to take time to share with you some tips for Hurricane Preparedness.


    • Make sure you have plenty of bottled water. The amount of water needed is based upon how many people you have in your home, but typically it’s a gallon per person per day. You should have at least a 3 day supply.


    • Have plenty of nonperishable food. This means that you’ll need food that you don’t have to refrigerate or food that doesn’t require a stove to cook. It’ll also be good to pick up some plastic plates, cups, and utensils.


    • Candles and flashlights will be helpful in the event of a power outage. Make sure your candles are used properly and placed in a safe location out of the reach of children. Have plenty of batteries on hand for your flashlights.


    • Power outages can be a fun way to spend more time with family without the disruption of TV, internet, and other electronic distractions. Set aside fun games to play to help the time go by faster.


    • Make sure you have plenty of medication, baby food, and diapers.


    • Buy some charcoal for your grill. It’s a great way to cook food in your freezer before it goes bad. Just be sure to use it outdoors.


I have a few more tips, but I want to hear from you. What are your hurricane preparedness tips?

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  • JDaniel4's Mom August 27, 2011, 12:16 PM

    I hadn’t thought about the importance of a grill.

  • Asia August 26, 2011, 3:08 PM

    We are making sure we are prepare with food. I am sure we could play games as a family.

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