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31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge

31 Days to Build a Better Blog E-Book

Happy Monday Everyone!

I decided to take the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge hosted by the SITS girls and Problogger.  This fun challenge will include 31 different tasks for me to implement on my blog to make it better.

This couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  Y’all know that I’m still transitioning my blog from Blogger to WordPress. That is a work in progress.

I heard about this challenge before, but kept putting it off.  Now, there is a great support network of bloggers that will complete it with me.  I’m excited about it, in case you can’t tell.

Today’s task includes developing an elevator pitch for my blog.  An elevator pitch is a short summary about the purpose of my blog.  It can include a tagline or it could be a short paragraph.

Recently, I started using the tagline: Faith, Military Life, Mommyhood.  I feel like these topics pretty much sum up 95% of my posts.   If I had to give a longer version, it would be this:

“Reflections from a Christian Mommy Writer is a personal blog that focuses on christian faith, military life, and mommyhood with the purpose of bringing inspiration to readers and an occasional dose of humor.”


What do you think about my tagline and short statement?

Do you think this is an accurate depiction of my blog?

What would you add or omit?

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