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Potty Training Boot Camp: Week 1

My husband has a lot of leave built up and he decided to take two weeks off from work. Of course, I had no complaints. I enjoy spending time with my husband and every moment together is precious, especially when we have to deal with deployment rotations.

Since my husband was going to be home for a few weeks, he decided that he was going to make sure that our son was potty trained before he went back to work. I had already made small attempts at potty training, but was rather unsuccessful. If you are new around here, you might want to go back and read: A Morning Surprise and Potty Training is for Geniuses to catch up on my potty training blunders.

We figured out that our son was one of those kids that had to feel some stuff running down his leg before he would get the concept together of pottying. My brother bought Lil Man some Cars underwear for Christmas, so we decided to pull those out and let him wear them for boot camp.  Expensive pull-ups be gone!

Day 1 – We thought it was going to go well that morning because Lil Man hadn’t used the bathroom all night. We put him on his Cars underwear and started bathroom rotations around 9AM. To make a long story short, Lil Man held it for about 6 hours! I couldn’t believe it! I tapped out at 1:00PM, but thank God for Dear Hubby. He was determined that our son wouldn’t hold out longer than him. Lil Man finally let it go and did #1 in the potty at about 3:15PM. YAY!

Day 2 – This day went a little smoother. Dear Hubby actually got a little bold and took Lil Man to the barbershop in his “Big Boy Underwear”.  I thought he was crazy for doing that, but it turned out to be a success. Lil Man pretty much held it the whole time, even though Dear Hubby took him to the bathroom while they were out. When Lil Man came back home, he told me several times that he had to go.

“Boo Boo!  Boo Boo!” According to Lil Man, #1 AND #2 is boo boo. But no need to worry…we’ll work on the terminology later.  Off to the potty we ran and he pottied!  I was so proud of him! He got a Hot Wheels car for doing so well AND a lollipop.  He also got a sticker to go on his Diego Potty Training Chart that we got for free from Pampers.

Day 3 – A total relapse. He let it go a couple of times and didn’t even tell me! Back to the drawing board.

Day 4 – I got tired of being cooped up in the house, so I decided that I was going to take Lil Man to the zoo…in big boy underwear! One of my friends decided to go with me and take her kids for moral support. It turned out well! Lil Man didn’t have an accident. But honestly, I’m not sure if it was because he was holding it, or if it was because of the heat outside. Either way, I didn’t have to utilize the two spare outfits, wipes, and plastic bags that I took.

Day 5 – We were on the way out the door to church when we realized that Lil Man did #3 (#1+ #2) in his clothes. That required a monumental cleanup on aisle 5. Needless to say, we ran a little late for church.

The rest of the day went okay. As long as we constantly asked him and took him to the bathroom, he did fine.

1.  I believe that Lil Man is holding it a lot, especially when we go out in public. He does not like public restrooms. What can I do about that?

2.  Lil Man has yet to do #2 in the potty. Any tips for that?

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  • Chocolate Covered Daydreams June 13, 2010, 1:56 AM

    I seriously thought Baby Boo was going the be in kindergarten before she got the hang of it. She hit 3 years old and she was there. He sounds like he has a good idea of what he's to do and when. If he's able to control it for long periods of time, then he's getting the right idea.

    PS–never heard of #3 until you mentioned it. But, it makes plenty of sense. 🙂

    Hang in there.

  • Christian Mommy Writer June 10, 2010, 11:14 PM

    Thanks so much to everyone that shared tips and their personal experiences!

    Little Man is doing great now with number 1. Accidents are few and far between. As for #2, yall just keep praying for him. 🙂

  • Amber June 10, 2010, 7:11 PM

    My boy took forever to go #2 in the potty. And as for public restrooms he was afraid of them. He would eventually only go in the ones that did not flush by themself.

    Don't know about you but I was trying to have my boy go potty sitting on the potty. It seemed like he just wasn't ever going to get it. But as soon as I had him try to stand up he did great.

    Hint: He really "got it" while we were camping he was allowed to pee outside.

    And when in need we did pull over to the side of the road or in an empty parking lot and let him pee outside.
    Then at home he had a small step stool he used until he was taller.

    As for the #2, good luck it jut takes time and patience. Oh and boys take much longer than girls!

  • MOMSWEB June 10, 2010, 3:57 PM

    Girl, you took me waaaaay back, but this was such a cute post!

    We didn't do pullups and went straight to the little underwear. When he got tired of his behind being wet, he realized what he needed to do.
    #2 was a little more difficult, so we just made sure a few hours after each meal, that he sat on the toilet for a while.


    Thank God we have boys. When public usage is a must, they don't have to touch ANYTHING except themselves!

  • Kennisha Hill June 8, 2010, 7:54 AM

    Hey sis! We are right along with you in here. Yes, aren't those Pull-Ups just a bit too expensive? Geesh!

    We are going through the SAME THING in here. He's "almost" ready for big boy underwear, but for now.. we're working on getting him to not "boo boo" half way in his pullup and then ask to finish in the toilet. LOL… I ask, "What is that smell?" LOL

    He asks for the potty- seems like he wants to go a million times a day. And he says Boo Boo for 1 and 2 also. (we're often confused until he does whatever in there)

    Yep…. we're in bootcamp too. You're not alone!!!

  • Ms. Understood June 7, 2010, 7:50 PM

    Good luck with potty training. I've heard it can be very difficult, especially for boys. I don't have any children as yet, so I don't have any tips. It's great that he is able to hold it though. Day #1's battle of wills made me laugh.

  • Ang June 7, 2010, 10:09 AM

    Our oldest son who is fifteen now also had a huge fear of public restrooms. Not wanting him to hold it and cause GI and urinary problems we took his little potty with us. When he said he needed to potty we took him out to our minivan. Over a few months he learned little by little he could us the public restroom. Our son was always asking questions about everything we would answer them as honest as we could without scaring him. His military dad would answer his military questions explaining how he was able to do things. Trusting what the military leaders were saying to him and our son had to trust what mom and dad were saying about the public restrooms. Little by little each time we went out he would feel a little safer to use the public potties. His dad would explain he did not learn different military tactics by just doing them once. It is a process and it all takes time. Have a great week!

  • Ashlee June 7, 2010, 5:41 AM

    We are working on potty training our little lovebug too! She has only gone #2 once in the toilet 🙁 Every other time is in her pullup or her panties 🙁 We are still working on that part! Way to go taking him out and about.. I get nervous and put her in a pull up! I'm such a chicken! LOL I'm stopping by from SITS! I hope you have a great morning! xo

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