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Along Came a Spider

My husband and I pray for our son every night before he goes to bed. Our son actually looks forward to it.

We pray for:

1. protection as he sleeps throughout the night from all hurt harm and danger.

2. our son to play safely if he wakes up before Mommy

3. continued improvement in our son’s speech and communication

4. wisdom and direction on how to raise and train him up in the way he should go.

5. complete fulfillment of the will of God for his life.

At the end of our prayer, our son says, “Anan” (amen). Sometimes, he will lay hands on us and pray for us in his own language.

On yesterday morning, I went to get my son dressed and cleaned up for the day. He had been playing with his toys on the floor and was having a good time. I cleaned him up and got him dressed. I decided to change the sheets on his bed.

After I got finished making his bed, something caught my eye. It was a medium sized brown spider on the floor by his bed, close to where he had been playing.

I hate spiders, but I tell you what…

I went to war on that spider! I stomped the fool out of him and went to get a napkin to get him up off the floor.

When I came back, that spider was still alive!!

I grabbed one of my son’s shoes and obliterated it.

I immediately became thankful to God that he honored our prayer of keeping our son safe. I’m not sure if it was a Brown Recluse or not, but I’m so thankful that God placed a shield around my child. I shudder to think about what would have happened if it had bit my son.

Prayer changes things!

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  • Sisters Of Honor August 1, 2009, 2:29 PM

    He hears our prayers. Praise God!

  • carma July 31, 2009, 9:26 PM

    My husband is the one who always makes me get the spiders– what's up with that? You are very brave 😀

  • Chele July 30, 2009, 11:44 AM

    Oh God is so good!! Prayer does change things!! 😉

  • Proverbs 27:19 July 30, 2009, 9:08 AM


    Keep on praying my friend!


  • MOMSWEB July 30, 2009, 5:08 AM

    Amen on covering our children from dangers seen and unseen!

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