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Say No, So You Can Say Yes

Living a life of balance is important.

There are so many things to do, so many options, so many choices. But we can’t always do everything that is in our heart to do.

Sometimes, you have to say no so you can say yes.

I might have to say no to personal time, so I can say yes to spending time with my family.

I might have to say no to a new volunteer opportunity, so that I can say yes to focusing more on improving my performance on a current volunteer project.

I might have to say no to a spotless house, so I can say yes to rest and quiet time.

I admit that I struggle off and on in this area. Some days, I hit a home run and have perfect balance. Other days, I strike out and the balance scale is lopsided.

Saying yes all the time can cause you to over commit yourself. Before you know it, you are running ragged and praying for a break.

There are a lot of good things out there that we can do. There are many worthy causes. But we don’t have to do all of them.

It’s okay to say no sometimes. I don’t have to do everything that someone asks me to do.

It’s all a big juggling act.

About a month ago, I went to a Christian Bookstore to look specifically for a personal bible study. I wanted something that would directly reflect upon where I was in life.

I found a bible study called, “Living a Life of Balance.” It’s part of the Women of Faith Study Guide Series. Each chapter starts with a devotional reading and at the end, there are questions related to the devotional reading with scripture references. It also has an area for things to ponder on and a section for you to reflect on things to pray about.

This bible study goes for 12 weeks and has been very helpful to me. It really made me think about the following things:

1. what I commit myself to doing and why
2. what’s important to me
3. what has to be done right now
4. what can be done later

I believe this bible study is going to help me get on the right track and stay on it. I highly recommend it for those that find themselves struggling to find a good balance.

What has helped you keep a healthy sense of balance in your household?
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  • Anonymous June 2, 2009, 9:14 PM

    There is never enough time in a day
    to get every thing done. IT take the whole family to make a house a
    home. take care of your home first
    as a wife, a mother, and make sure you make time for yourself. make a
    list and follow it. some things to be done don,t take long, that,s when you take a break. keep your housework caught up and you won,t
    have so much to do every eay.
    when your break come around enjoy
    it to the fullest
    mama dearest

  • MOMSWEB June 2, 2009, 7:21 AM

    The main thing that has helped me (many disagree, but it works for me) is admitting there will never be a balance in my life. I wear waaay to many hats to try to balance them, so I prefer the word juggle. Some hats are up, some are down, and some will definitely fall on any given day, BUT each hat gets its fair share in the game!

    Let the hats fall where they may and have a joyful juggling day! GREAT post!

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