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Celebrating Daddies

I hope that all you Daddies out there had a great Father’s Day on yesterday. Father’s Day is a great time of the year to celebrate the wonderful fathers or father figures in our lives.

I was blessed to grow up with a good daddy. When I look back and think about it, I was the only person out of all my friends growing up that had their biological father living in the same home.

My daddy wasn’t much of the traveling type, but he made sure that we got to the county fair and the beach every year. My brother and I really looked forward to those trips.

One time, I wanted to get on a ride at the fair that was like a Ferris Wheel, but the area that you sat in constantly rotated 360 degrees. It was called the Zipper. I convinced my daddy to get on it with me and unbelievably, he gave in. That ride was scary and both of us were hollering…well, my daddy was trying to keep his yelling in check. He ended up losing his hat due to the constant rotating. My brother laughed at the both of us as we staggered off the ride.

My daddy taught me a lot about practical living. He showed me how to use a checkbook and drilled into me the importance of being able to manage your money properly. I’m so thankful for his teaching. I see many adults today that never got that kind of financial training. They get themselves deeper and deeper into financial trouble, especially in this economy, because they never learned how to balance a checkbook or live by a budget. My Dad taught me that a budget is a good thing and everyone should have some sort of budget.

Daddy taught me fun things too.He taught me how to become one of the best spades players around. He would come to my room and say, “You ready for your whoopin?” That meant that he wanted to play spades and he had every intention of winning. When I beat him (few and far between), I would be so proud! When I became really good, I had to start watching him because he would try to cheat!

My stellar spades skills that I learned from my dad helped me to make new friends at our first duty station. I used to run the spades tables, especially when I had the right partner. I couldn’t wait to call my dad and tell him whenever we put someone to shame at the table.

Now, my brother and his girlfriend like to play Spades with my Dad and me whenever I come home to visit. Of course you know that those amateurs don’t stand a chance with two professionals!

Daddy possesses a lot of wisdom. Even to this day, I call him about decisions that I’m mulling over. He is a great listener and he always will tell me the truth, whether I like it or not. Most of the time, he presents things from an angle that I might not have thought about. Everybody needs someone like that on his or her team.

I’m so thankful that God blessed me with my Dad. He wasn’t perfect, but there is no such thing as a perfect parent on this Earth. I have many beautiful memories with my Dad and I hope that you do too.

I realize that some of you reading this blog may not have a good relationship with your father. Despite whatever it is, it doesn’t have to remain that way. God can heal and restore any relationship.

If your father wasn’t there for you the way you wanted him to be, choose forgiveness today. Forgiveness is not for the other person, it’s for you. Release yourself to move forward, forgetting those things that are behind, and start fresh and new.

If your father has passed away, please know this: God is a father to the fatherless.

God is the best father ever! He loves you unconditionally, in spite of anything that you may do.

Have you received Him into your life?

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  • Jolyn June 22, 2009, 9:43 PM

    What a great post! And what a special daddy you had. What a blessing for you, and for your own child, too!

  • MOMSWEB June 22, 2009, 2:16 PM

    Girl, you're making me miss my daddy! Yes, he's still alive and just a few hours away. We truly are blessed to have stong men in our life. I am a Daddy's girl for sure!

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