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Kentucky Derby Party!!

I went to a Kentucky Derby party this weekend and it was fun!

We get together with several other military families on a regular basis and this month, the host family decided to throw a Kentucky Derby party.

When I saw the invitation, I was like, “What in the world is a Derby party?”  I soon found out that I was supposed to dress up and wear a nice big hat.

One of my friends was trying to tell me about a Kentucky Derby Party by referring to the movie, “Pretty Woman.”  She freaked out when she discovered I had never seen the movie before.

“What!?  You’ve never seen Pretty Woman?”  She was about to go and buy me the movie until I promised her that I would rent it from Netflix.  It must be a good movie…

We never paid much attention to the Kentucky Derby and I was almost about to tell my husband to go without me. 

I was on the way home from my Mom’s Bible Study Group when I skillfully talked myself out of going.  Besides, I didn’t want to buy a hat for a one-time occasion.  Plus, I didn’t have anything to wear! I had planned to wear a spring outfit, but the weather turned cold again and it was rainy. 

I decided to stop at Chick-Fil-A on the way home to get some lunch.  There was a line at the drive-thru and I noticed that someone was waving at me.  Guess who it was?

It was the one hosting the party!  She had come to Chick-Fil-A with a friend, who was also in the drive-thru, got out the car, and walked up pass several cars to my car.  “Girl, I want you to come to my party this weekend!”

Uh-oh.  Now I have a personal invitation!  She walked with me through the drive-thru until I finally said, “Girl, get in!”  She gave me all the details, told me what I needed to wear, and offered to let me wear one of her hats. 

Okay, Okay!  I’m coming.

So this is what I decided to wear.  I figured I would just deal with being cold to be cute!  How many of you done that before?

My husband had a huge cowboy hat on with a suit.  Our friend joked that he looked like Walker, Texas Ranger. Even our son had on a cowboy hat. 

Here is what I looked like with my hat. 

Overall, it was tons of fun.  When we got there, we drew names for a horse and we had to cheer for our horse.  Our horse, Musket Man, came in third!  Yay!

I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other military wives.  My husband and I are supposed to be hosting the next get together in June. 

Any ideas for a theme?

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{ 8 comments… add one }
  • mrsDeb May 11, 2009, 5:57 PM

    Hi 🙂 I’m new to your blog, just found it!

    Had to come out of lurk mode to post a couple of themes….

    ‘mystery dinners’ are a lot of fun, some of them involve a murder some don’t but they’re a kick because everyone’s involved…


  • Christian Mommy Writer May 5, 2009, 12:20 AM

    Thanks everyone for the compliments!

    And due to astonishment of most people, I’m going to make sure that I see Pretty Woman soon so that I can join the club! 🙂

    @God My Savior Forever – I have been to a game night before and it was fun! We played Family Feud, guys against gals, and it got to be very competitive! By the way, Chick-Fil-A is great. I ate their side salad and fruit salad almost every other work day when I was pregnant! 🙂

    @Martha – Don’t feel bad. I have those days too! 🙂

    @Big Sis – I will be fine when you come. Everyone is pretty much done with their colds now!

    @Jolyn – This is the first I’ve ever heard of a Derby Party. I lived on the East Coast most of my life and the Kentucky Derby wasn’t a big deal. Now I’m in the Midwest and it is a whole new world out here.

  • Martha May 4, 2009, 3:16 PM

    Awww, you look so pretty and your son is definitely a cutie pie!

    Okay Pretty Woman is about a um… woman who sells her body, enough said 😉 but if you do watch it, prepare to fast forward through a few scenes :o)

    Kinda funny you mention the Kentucky Derby because I saw a billboard of the event when we were by the Mall, boy was I confused! I asked my husband why the derby was in Sacramento when it was supposed to be in Kentucky?!? Apparently my brain cells are taking a break : a permanent one!

  • Jolyn May 4, 2009, 8:13 PM

    I must say I’m with you on this one — what is with these derby parties? (Where is it you live again?) It sounds like fun! And your outfit was most definitely worth being cold!

  • Anonymous May 4, 2009, 6:52 PM

    I am glad you are meeting people
    there are some good people inthis
    world just be careful .
    I know your family had it going on
    dressed to impress and DANIEL had
    his own style.enjoy life to the
    mommy dearest

  • Beams of Light Ministries May 4, 2009, 3:07 PM

    A. I’m shocked. Pretty Woman is a classic. You must rectify this situation immediately.

    B. I’ve got plenty of hat jokes now that I’m subjected to them out of obedience nearly every Sunday, so I’ll be sharing those with you soon.

    C. Don’t catch a cold and you know I’m on my way to visit. Can’t have you getting the whole household sick like you know who…LOL

    D. As always, you look very pretty. 🙂

  • God, My Savior Forever! May 4, 2009, 2:01 PM

    You looked so pretty! It sounds like you had fun:D Wow…yeah I must say that I was shocked to find out you’d never seen this movie….. I really like Julia Roberts! It is a classic. Oh I also need to tell you that I like or no wait..I love Chick-Fil-A….it’s so good and healthier than most fast food restaurants. We only have one here in Fresno so I don’t get to go much. YES…I do that almost all winter…”be cold to be cute” LOL even though I’m getting better. The one thing I don’t like about winter is not having warm clothes for church.

    Suggestions: GAME NIGHT!!!! We would host them at our house and they were always a success:D Everyone brings in a cool boardgame and we normally do boys vs girls!

    xoxoxo Susan

  • Anonymous May 4, 2009, 6:57 AM

    You look so good girl!! I’m glad you decided to go. Since I’m not one for party planning I can’t help with a theme. Sorry. Tell the family hello for me. Shauna

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