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Did You Know About These Discounts?

You have not because you ask not, which is certainly the case with military discounts.  Anyone connected to the military should always ask this question at the cash register:

Do you offer a military discount?

You’ll be surprised about who offers discounts.  Restaurants, hotels, clothing stores, car dealerships, car rental agencies, theme parks: you name it, they give it.

Here are a few discounts that I’ve learned about:

Old Navy gives a 10% discount to active duty, retired, and reserve military families on the first of every month.  Make sure you have your ID.  The catch – You can’t use this discount at oldnavy.com, or with any other discounts.  It can only be used in United States stores.

If you are flying with a military member on orders, you can check up to 100lbs of luggage.   Also, you don’t have to pay those annoying baggage fees!  A wonderful airline agent told me this when we were checking in on our last trip.  That same agent also told me that they do not publicize this.  Make sure your military member shows ID!

New York and Company, a great clothing store, offers a 15% discount to military members and their spouses.  This cannot be combined with other offers.  By the way, if you love them like I do, sign up for their mailing list.  They send me discounts MONTHLY, such as 30% off your entire purchase, spend $75 and get $25 off, etc.   Their prices can be a little steep, so I only buy from them with a coupon or a discount.

Office Depot has a free rewards program in which you can get 10% back off purchases for paper, toner, and ink.   Also, they have a program in which you can bring them an empty ink cartridge, and they will give you a $3.00 gift card. Office Depot sells ink cartridges that are comparable to HP cartridges for about $12.00 less.  I tried one of them and it has been working great!

AT&T; offers a 15% military discount on wireless accounts.  Sprint also offers 15% off monthly service, but only when you do it online.

IHOP offers a 10% military discount.

Apple offers a discount for federal, state, and local government workers in their stores.  Military discounts are also available.

Hilton hotels and many other hotel chains offer military, or state government worker discounts.  If you are booking online, make sure that you check the government rate versus the online or best price rate.  Sometimes, it is cheaper not to use the discount.

This list is by no means comprehensive.  It’s just a few that I’ve learned about.  Everyone can afford to save some money, especially during this economy.

What discounts have you learned about?
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  • jessica May 7, 2009, 6:04 PM

    great discounts! i tried the one in old navy, the one here doesn’t accept military discount. boo. but aeropostale also gives one for 10% off. which is great, i love aeropostale.

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