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Gone, but Not Forgotten…

My grandfather passed away last week after 90 years of life on this Earth. I took a break from blogging so I could go to his funeral and spend some time with family. I am dedicating this blog post to his memory.

My grandfather was a Brick Mason by trade and helped to build many well known buildings. He liked to give directions and could tell you how to get to just about anywhere. He had a funny way of saying things and had no problems with telling you just like it is. He loved to share nuggets of wisdom and enjoyed talking about how things were back in the day.
My grandfather gradually lost his vision during the latter half of his life. He had grandchildren and great grandchildren that he never got a chance to see. I was a little girl the last time he saw me. He would often smile when we would describe to him how someone in the family looked. Glaucoma robbed him of his sight, career, and independence. But he didn’t complain.
Because of his blindness, Grandfather developed a keen sense of hearing. He knew the voice of all of his family members, even those that he didn’t see on a regular basis. I was always amazed that he could do that.
He attended a school to help him learn how to live as a blind person. He learned how to count money. We would give him money and ask him how much it was. He always got it right and I could tell that he loved baffling us with his newly learned “magic trick.” He also made beautiful baskets that he gave to his family members.
Not only did he adapt to blindness, but he beat colon cancer twice. My grandfather lived a full and productive life. He loved God and continued to serve Him, regardless of what obstacles came his way. He recently had a decline in health and never recovered. He and my grandmother had been married for over 60 years when he died.
I knew how much my grandfather meant to me, but it was great to see how much of a difference he made in the lives of others. At the funeral, many shared about how much my grandfather touched their lives. They spoke of his work ethic and about how much he loved to sing. They spoke of how he helped them in difficult situations. I was proud to hear of the many things my grandfather was able to accomplish here on Earth.
Which made me wonder…what kind of legacy am I leaving for my family? What will people say about me at my funeral? I would hope that people would say nice things. I try my best to do the right thing and to be a blessing to others. However, all that really matters is that my heavenly father tells me, “Well done thy good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of the Lord.” I believe that those are the words my grandfather heard when he died and I look forward to seeing him again someday in heaven.
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  • Elizabeth Byler Younts April 8, 2009, 1:47 PM

    i'm sorry to hear about your loss. On March 24th (the same week you lost your gfather) i lost my grandmother. the quick trip away from home felt like it almost did me in…but with my handy flight rules (& iPhone) we did good. 🙂

  • Anonymous April 2, 2009, 8:00 PM

    Im verry proud .
    keep up the good work.
    I always knew youwould take life head on, striving and reaching goals,.

  • Krystal April 1, 2009, 8:38 PM

    My grandfather died a few years ago. In fact, I recently blogged about him: http://williamsplanet.blogspot.com/2009/02/reciprocating-offense.html

    My grandfather and I were VERY close. I was very disappointed that he died before my son was born. He would have been overwhelmed with joy to see his great grandson!

    There’s just something about grandfathers and granddaughters, I think. My grandfather spoiled me like nobody’s business. And the whole family knew it!

    I miss him…


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