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Dysfunctional Diet

I’m at a loss. I can’t figure out what to feed my toddler.

One day, he loves corn dogs. A couple of days later, he hates them.
He used to really like chicken fingers. Now, he will only eat them once a month.

Last summer, we went to a going away party for my husband’s Commander. Baked beans was one of the side items served and my son couldn’t get enough of them! He screamed and acted like I took his fire truck whenever the baked beans ran out on his plate. One of the other spouses kept running back and forth getting more for my son. He probably had four servings of baked beans and he wouldn’t eat anything else. The other spouses probably wondered if I fed him in the past week. It is funny now, but it was pretty embarrassing then.

Now, my son will hardly eat baked beans. All that embarrassment for nothing…

To be fair, there are a few things that my son never liked to eat, such as eggs, green beans, and macaroni. But I don’t get upset about that. What irritates me is when he refuses food that he loved to eat before.

I tried rotating the frequency of foods that I give him, which worked for a season.

There are a few things that my son will eat everyday if I give it to him. My son absolutely loves bananas. He loves them so much that last week, he started asking for them on his own. He calls them, “na-nas.”

He also likes yogurt, any kind of fruit, sausage, and Cheetos.

Now that I think about it…all of his favorites are things that I ate while I was pregnant with him. Things that make you go hmmmm….

I’m hoping that this is just a phase. Our money is going in the trash can with his food. How much longer do we have to deal with this dysfunctional diet?

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  • MOMSWEB April 23, 2009, 5:10 AM

    I truly enjoyed my visit to your blog. Have a Terrific Thursday in Motherhood!

  • Martha April 22, 2009, 2:35 PM

    Ha, my son made me crave spicy food. I was literally gulping down bowls of salsa and hot sauce (ask my husband that) and now my son LOVES hot food 🙂 he doesn’t like cheese but he LOVES Pepper Jack Cheese, he even calls them “Hot Cheese”. Aw!

    My son is just like your son, he never liked macaroni and eggs. Recently my M-I-L gave him some macaroni salad and he LOVED it! Try giving him food that he never liked, you might be in for a surprise!!

  • Christian Mommy Writer April 22, 2009, 6:37 PM

    @Epiphany – Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to take your advice and the advice of Krystal and just leave it alone. He’s still being picky today, but I guess he’ll eat once he gets hungry enough. And no, we don’t want to be around for the gas! Krystal has plenty of stories to share about that!

    @Kennisha – I’ll check out your friend’s blog today.

    @Martha – I’ll keep introducing those foods to him. One day he’ll eat them.

  • Kennisha Hill April 22, 2009, 7:42 AM

    Hi Tonya,

    I love this post. You’re so honest! 🙂 I think I’m starting to understand about picky eating toddlers too. My son is only 20 months, but he’s starting to get a bit picky. One day he’ll eat something he loves, like greenbeans… then the next day he doesn’t want it. It is a bit challenging. I don’t have much advice to give on this one because I’m slowly entering into that world. But, hang in there. I’m sure things will get better!!!!

    Also, a very good friend of mine just started a blog very similar to yours. Hers is called Saved M.O.M. Swing by and visit when you can! http://www.savedmom.com

    Have a blessed day today!


  • Krystal April 22, 2009, 7:06 AM

    LOL, Epiphany!

    I do the same thing she does, since mine are 2 and 4 also. I don’t worry as much about food as I used to. Like your little one, mine love macaroni and cheese one week, and then turn their noses up at it the next week.

    One thing that I have found REALLY helpful is this: I keep all junk snacks in the pantry (which has one of those childproof door knobs on it), and I keep the fresh fruit (apples and bananas) on the counter where they can SEE it. That way, anytime they are feeling “snacky,” they just grab a piece of fruit, wash it off, and start chomping. It’s been a good way for me to supplement their diet even when they don’t eat much at mealtimes. I know that at least when they do snack, most of the time, it’s on fresh organic fruit.

    With the crackers and those types of things being in the pantry and out of sight, out of mind, they ask for it less because they don’t think about it as much.


  • Epiphany April 22, 2009, 1:45 AM

    I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old and I have to share that one of the biggest lessons that I have learnt is not to worry over their food so much.

    My daughter is one of the fussiest critters alive I’m sure. And fickle too. But although she’s small, she’s still perfectly healthy, growing well and smart as a tack.

    My son isn’t as fussy (he’s the younger one) but also goes through fazes of what he likes and doesn’t.

    I find that you just need to relax a bit with them and get in them what you can when they’re being like that. If they want to eat 300 tins of baked beans that’s fine – as long as you’re not in the same room when the farting begins! LOL!!

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