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15 Things I Have Learned About Parenting…

I have been a parent for almost two years. To some of you veterans out there, I would be considered a beginner. The learning curve is always high for those beginning a new adventure. Therefore, I decided to share with my fellow bloggy friends what I have learned so far during this roller coaster ride called parenthood.
I have learned that:

1. You grow extra arms and stronger muscles to carry around tons of stuff, such as diaper bags, strollers, car seats, and screaming, falling-out kids.

2. All children grow and develop differently. It’s not good to compare your child to others.

3. There are other effective ways to discipline a child besides spanking.

4. No matter how much you try, you can’t completely child proof your home. They always find something to get into.

5. Moving is hard on toddlers too. They thrive in stable environments.

6. Taking time for yourself helps you to be a better parent.

7. Having a hot, uninterrupted meal is a treat.

8. Having a “childless date night” with your spouse on a regular basis is vital.

9. Sleep is a luxury.

10. Being a stay at home mom isn’t easy.

11. Children imitate everything you do. As parents, we should strive to be appropriate role models. “Do as I say, not as I do,” is not the message we should send to our children!

12. Though they mean well, most people without kids do not have a clue about parenting. I was one of them before I had my son…

13. I have to make adjustments in my career that are in the best interest of my child.

14. Having a schedule is the best way to keep your sanity.

15. A support network is invaluable, especially when you need a break!

What tips do you have to add to this list?

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  • Krystal March 30, 2009, 8:57 AM

    3. Amen to that! Why didn’t anyone ever teach me that BEFORE I had kids?!?!?

    5. Moving is hard… and so is traveling!

    6. “Taking time for yourself” – Can you explain exactly what that is? 😉


    8. I’ve had ONE in three years. 🙁

    9. I would PAY for sleep if I could!

    10. *Drops offering in bucket* You preach it, sister!

    11. Yepper!

    12. Me, too.

    14. You’re able to keep your sanity? Wow, girl… you ARE doin’ good!


  • Anonymous March 15, 2009, 5:35 PM

    One can never be too prepared for parenthood. All those handy checklists for baby are handy but they leave off the ever so real details that new parents might/not expect. Tonya, I must have printed out three different checklists only to realize that parenthood is a hands on learning process …daily.

    Mrs. Erica Butler

  • 3L March 13, 2009, 9:17 AM

    I’m a parent without any children of my own. I have worked with a lot of kids in group homes and I help to take care of my sister-in-law, 17 years-old. I know I have a lot to learn but still feel like I’ve learned a lot. I would add that it is important accept and enjoy your child’s individuality and unique personality. It is important to have standards that your child has to abide by but rules should keep a child safe and not dictate the kind of person they grown up to be. They came into this world with a mind of their own and we should not try to break their spirits to fit them in a proper mold.

    This list is great and I want to put up a link in a my post tomorrow. Thank you.

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